Discover unparalleled care at Bethel Gardens Senior Living, your premier choice for assisted living in Metro Atlanta, GA. We also offer assisted living near Marietta, GA for those north of the Metro Atlanta region.

Here’s what sets Bethel Gardens Senior Living and Memory Care apart for your assisted living needs in Marietta, GA or Atlanta, GA:

Family-Like Atmosphere: At Bethel Gardens, residents become part of a community that treats them like family, fostering a supportive environment prioritizing their well-being.

30+ Years of Expertise: We understand the complexities of aging and offer compassionate guidance to families and residents.

Comprehensive Care: From 24/7 staff and medication management to delicious meals and engaging activities, we provide everything your loved one needs to thrive.

Structured Activities: We believe in enriching lives through daily tasks, stimulating programs, and engaging activities.

Specialized Facilities: We offer specialized facilities for residents, including an outdoor courtyard, living room, multi-purpose room, and dining room.

Beyond these, what specific services and amenities can you expect from Bethel Gardens’ assisted living in Atlanta, GA? We cover that in the next section!

Services & Amenities That Elevate Life

Bethel Gardens Assisted Living in Metro Atlanta sets itself apart in assisted living, focusing on personalized care and a comprehensive range of services. Key features include:

Individualized Care: In-depth assessments ensure our care is precisely tailored to enhance each resident’s well-being.

24/7 Onsite Support: Continuous staff presence provides round-the-clock support, emphasizing our commitment to resident security.

Emergency Response: Every room and bathroom is equipped with an emergency call system for swift assistance during emergencies.

Medication Management: Our meticulous approach ensures residents receive prescribed medications, promoting proactive healthcare.

Daily Support and Reminders: Beyond routine assistance, we empower residents to feel engaged in their daily lives, fostering independence.

Enriching Activities: Our commitment to planned activities, events, and outings enhances residents’ quality of life.

Scheduled Outings: We promote independence and community involvement through recreational opportunities and community connections.

Personalized Services: Beyond standard care, our personalized services, including laundry assistance, cater to unique preferences and needs.

Experience the Bethel Gardens difference. Whether assisted living in Atlanta, Marietta, or Louisville, KY, discover a community where exceptional care meets meaningful engagement. Schedule a tour today and discover your loved one’s perfect home. Call us at 770-943-3620 or visit our website at

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