Interact with others throughout the week.

Imagine a community that builds relationships and companionship through planned activities, events and outings keeping residents engaged as they transition into the next phase of their lives.

Bring some fun into your daily routine!

At Bethel Gardens, we want our residents to THRIVE, not just exist. We gear our scheduled activities towards our residents interests.

  • Scheduled Outings such as: day trips, scenic drives, monthly shopping, library, senior center
  • Weekly out to lunch trips
  • Exercise class, including SIT & FIT and Yoga
  • Outdoor events and activities
  • Variety of games and cards
  • Birthday & Holiday Parties
  • Professional Entertainment
  • Bible study / Devotionals
  • Weekly church services

Whether you are engaged in a social or physical activity you will feel right at home while making friends along the way. If you don’t have a current hobby, find one here with us!

Be a part of something truly memorable.

Our weekly activities will give you or your loved one the ability to break their daily schedule and get involved with something they’ll love. If you don’t have a current hobby, find one here with us.

Engage in a physical activity or an event open to the community throughout your stay with us. Feel right at home, while making many friends along the way. Our staff is always open to new ideas for events!